Fabiano Ramaci, Artist-in-Residence

Award winning winemaker Fabiano Ramaci’s passion and dedication to his craft shine through in every aspect of Mora Estate Wines. Through painting each and every bottle by hand, he feels a greater connection between soul, product and of course those who enjoy his wine. In his studio he finds true Zen and closure in the final touches to each vintage with strokes of the paint brush, which deeply embody his own personality and intention through art.

Just as the bottles are crafted by hand, so is the wine. Fabiano has captured the essence of the Ancient Roman traditions of wine making by nurturing the grapes by hand as if they were his own children, and giving them the opportunity to turn into the perfect blend. It is a majestic alchemy that some call “Romance in a Bottle”. To truly experience this modern day Renaissance you must simply taste these exquisite wines!