Mora Estate Press:

I am grateful for the fantastic exposure over the years! Since my first vintage in 2009, I have had several write ups
 in local publications here in Northern California, as well as Television and Radio spots nationwide.
Check out the links below:

On The Wine Road LIVE – Mora Estate 
"Host Jeff Davis talks with Fabiano Ramaci of Mora Estate about his unique method of winemaking
called Amarone style wine. After harvesting and prior to fermentation, grapes are placed on drying 
racks, stacked and left to dry for 90 to 120 days in a Zen-like environment"- Jeff Davis, 2021

Edible Marin & Wine Country Magazine - "An Italian Treasure Flourishes in Sonoma"
"Fabiano Ramaci founded his Windsor-based winery, Mora Estate, in 2009. The seeds of
inspiration were planted decades earlier, while he was a teenager working at his father’s
restaurant, San Francisco’s La Traviata, an old-school Italian eatery in the Mission District.
It was there that he fell in love with the Italian wine"- Michele Ana Jordan, 2018
Press Democrat - "Bucking The Trends"
"Ramaci not only picked a wine that requires a different process than most to be made —
the grapes spend 60 to 100 days drying in wooden or plastic stackable crates in single
layers to further concentrate their sugar content before fermentation — he also picked
a wine that requires a blending of varieties almost unheard of in California"- Virginie Boone, 2012

Youtube - "Mora Estate" from The Road Less Traveled
Video Spot! "Sometimes, the Road Less Traveled takes you close to home. this trip through
Northern California's wine country was one of those times. Fabiano Ramaci of Mora Estate
- an high school classmate of mine - took me on a fantastic walk through his vineyard and
explained his ancient Roman technique of making wine. How could it get any better? Oh, we
drove to the vineyard in his '65 Corvette - that's how!"

YouTube - "Fabiano Ramaci at the Mora Estate Barn"
Video Spot! "Fabiano Ramaci, winemaker of Mora Estate Wines gives a tour of the process of
making California Amarone! From the Grape-Drying to the Alchemy and Inspiration in the bottle!"

YouTube - "Mora Estate Wines on Jules Wilson"
Video Spot! In the Vineyard & The Winery! "Excerpt from the to-be-released segment on the
Jules Wilson lifestyle show with Fabiano Ramaci from Mora Estate Wines. 2019 in Alexander Valley!"
YouTube - "Cooking with Gino | Morning Blend"
Part 2: - "Cooking with Gino - Delicious Italian Cuisine with Delicious Italian Wine"
Video Spot! Chef & Winemaker Fabiano Ramaci joins Chef Gino Tiozzo from Donatello Italian 
Restaurant in Tampa, FL on ABC's Tampa Bay Morning Blend. They discuss cooking, pairing and of
 course Winemaking!