Winemaking Details:
After havesting and prior to fermentation, grapes are placed on drying racks, stacked and left to dry for 90 days in a Zen-like environment. This method, known as appassimento, dates back to ancient Rome. In keeping with the traditional method, the grapes were crushed in January, followed by an extended fermentation and maceration (30 days) to preserve freshness before barreling.

Tasting Notes:
Richly concentrated aromas of ripe blackberry, dark currant and a hint of blueberry marry with spicy tannins and oak notes. The concentration found in the nose is repeated on the palate. A silken mouthfeel reveals a core of rich mixed berries, juicy cherry and a trace of orange zest woven with integrated warm spices, finegrained oak and supple tannins. The mouth-filling flavors linger as they expand across the palate. The depth and density of flavors take time to appear. If consumed young, decanting before serving is recommended to allow the full complements of flavors to emerge.

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